Monday, September 15, 2014

Crack Kills, Drink Expresso Instead

I knew the time had to come eventually, but it really snuck up on me. 12 weeks is just too short. It's not fair. I mean....he's not even actually 3 months old yet! Going back to work is one of those inevitably unavoidable things most moms of the middle class face, and I'm no exception.
After a slightly dramatic start (due to my procrastination of waiting until the very afternoon I was suppose to return to get cleared by HR and not looking for my badge until 2 minutes AFTER I was suppose to leave for work), we officially survived our first week. It was hard, but doable, as long as no one asked me how I was doing. Being without your baby is like leaving behind a part of your body. Anytime someone brought up the subject, I had to fight back the tears and fake a smile. Only one person caught on to my scam, though, who pointed out my eyes weren't smiling; I'd say that meant I did pretty good.  
Even though sweet Tanya is coming over to watch Dillon Man (along with her adorable Emmersyn) two days a week to help give me time to sleep, I'm already suffering from a major case of jet lag. When the weekend hit, after rising from the couch in the late afternoon to push through my severe lethargy, I finally made it to the busiest mall in the world, North Park, and hit up the Nexpresso tasting bar for a couple of straight shots, no milk, of the strongest, most potent, options they offer.
Big, fat, oh so delicious, mistake. Did I mention I was at the busiest mall in the world, where it feels like Christmas and Tax-Free-Weekend combined, all year round?  Once my caffeine high kicked in, I was bobbin' and weavin' through the sea of people with a mission to move. Everyone else was in sow motion. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin once forced to stand in a line wrapped around the store.  People could probably hear my heart racing, and with a brow of nervous sweat as further evidence, they probably assumed I had recently been snorting crack in the bathroom (Get it? Because bathrooms are filled with crack.....butt cracks......{weirdest timing ever: a commercial on TV just said, "Shut your crack," as I finished typing that sentence.}) I tried to text through my jitters to pass the time. It was almost harder than texting I even remember what that's like, it's been so long!!!
Obviously, and I decided to save the rest of my breast milk for the next day, too scared to play with second hand caffeine fire for any of the remaining hours preceding Dillon's bedtime.
Notice to anyone with little boys: H&M has the most adorable wardrobe for the baby male species!
I've seemed to forget where I was going with this, other than to express that from now on, I'm going to need a lot of expresso to get through life until we win the lottery.
Anyone know the winning numbers? If you help me win, I promise to share.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 13

#1 Mom's last day off before she starts back to work. Dad is a little worried. - September 7
#2 Smell ya later, Mom!! Us boys got this. - September 8
#3 Thanks, Auntie Jess for saving me from my insanely tired Momma today!!! It's okay that we missed swim lessons; my date with you was way better, anyway. - September 9
#4 It's been 2 days since I got to take a nap with my Mom!! Now that she's back, all is right with the world. - September 10
#5 Mom came to see what I was giggling about. I worked my way off my pillow and managed to grab hold of my favorite hanging toy, cause I'm a player like that. - September 11
#6 Son of a bottle-warmer!!! Mom took me for a walk in my first cold front and it feels amazing!!! - September 12
#7 Peace out. - September 13

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's a Blowout?

Inaugural day at Mclane Stadium. 
If we could be cookies or roast humans, that's exactly what we would have been after baking on the brand spankin' new black top asphalt for 4 hours in the August heat. Even with my attempts at hiding under an umbrella, I still managed to get mildly sunburned, and looked like a drowned rat from my own sweat. It sounds like a ton of fun, right? Regardless of our preferred tailgating conditions, coming out to celebrate this occasion was not optional, especially as a family of season ticket holders.  
Thousands of people joined us for Baylor's first game in the brand new football stadium, and every single person there was giddy with excitement. Helicopters swarmed the sky, fancy boats occupied the river sail-gaiting spots, and fans populated the entire radius like a colony of ants. A sold out season in it's finest.
But first, we kept tradition intact by meeting at Rudy's for a pre-tailgate BBQ lunch.
 And then, we checked out the new conveniently located family gig, the Wink's recently opened scooter store, Oso Scooters ("oso" is Spanish for "bear"......get it?)!!! Baylor campus never had it so good........a scooter store for rentals and purchases to get to and from class, dorms, and games......say what?!?!?
Back to the game.
By half time, we could barely hold our eyes open.......because being a parent automatically initiates you into the Ol'-Geezer-Bedtime Club.
I was so deliriously tired, my Mom asked me, "Was it a blow out?" (in reference to the game), and I told her a blow out is when you poop so big it leaks out of your diaper (thinking she asked, "what is a blowout?"). But yes, it was a blowout......a very sloppy one (pun intended).

Monday, September 8, 2014

Screaming and Swimming and Working Out Kinks

At exactly 2 months old, we started weekly "swim lessons".
At this age the lessons are more like glorified recreational bath time in a big, heated, and specially treated swimming pool for kids, with toys and props to help stimulate the senses and developmentally appropriate activities to activate certain responses in the babies when exposed to water oriented activities, while getting them accustomed to the feel of it all (like tummy time on a big flat floating foam board, which is a great workout while getting them used to the feeling of buoyancy......or supporting them on the their backs with their ears under water, so they can get used to the way it feels and sounds........ or bouncing them from side to side, which teaches them to catch their breath when they feel like they're falling towards the water)
I can't say it was a big hit at first.
I didn't know the words to any of the songs, nor could I learn them from all the screaming in my ear. Patrick was very late, due to some bad traffic.
And Dillon......well, he was the one screaming. The only one screaming. Every other baby there seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for him. The other parents just sent smiles of sympathy my way, but I wondered if they secretly hoped we wouldn't be returning.
The next week, it seemed like we had scared all the other parent/baby duo's away. With the entire lesson to ourselves, it gave the teacher time to explain how each activity benefited Dillon and I could actually hear her because he was......wait for it.......enjoying himself!
 It may have helped that I offered him a snack just before the lesson and he had a really good nap before leaving the house (it's super hard to time these things just right, but when everything falls perfectly into place it makes me feel super awesome). 
By week three, two more babies showed up to class, and I was the one running late (due to a massive illy timed blow out just before leaving the house). Dillon was hungry as soon as we arrived (like he always is after he "makes room"), and we were only able catch the last 15 minutes of class. We are still working out the kinks. 
It's a good thing the lessons are free, because it's been quite the learning process, but it's a great way to meet parents with babies of similar ages, get out of the house for a fun activity, and good exposure for our little Milk Monster!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 12

#1 Mom and Dad are going to the new stadium for game day while I root for the Bears in green and gold at Nanny and Papa's house! September 1
#2 I ONLY want to be outside, and I can tell the difference, eyes open or closed. Mom and Dad says it's too hot, but I think they're just wimps. - September 2
#3 wanna swim good, and you try to swim good...and...I think we swam pretty good. - September 3
#4 Say what you will, but I'm seriously contemplating changing my name to RH (Ridiculously Handsome). - September 4
#5 Mom thinks I don't understand Family Guy, but what she doesn't know is Stewie and I have a secret plot language. - September 5
#6 I got mom right where I want her. - September 6
#7 Say what?!?! My friend Gabriel is HOW OLD?!?! - September 7

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sometimes in Life.......

Sometimes in life you get really lucky. when there's a grease fire in your oven but you didn't know it until your husband came home and you told him to check the on the pizza because it was getting a little smokey in the house and you couldn't get up because you were pumping, talking on the phone, and feeding the baby all at the same time, and he manages to put out the fire with a pound of flour before the house burns down. 
OR when your friends text you to let you know they spared you from the Ice Bucket challenge, since you just recently had a baby. 
OR when you're driving down the tollway, slightly behind and to the left of a work truck, and see a dolly fall out of the back, into the middle of the lane, and as you watch the traffic damage in your rear view mirror, thank the heavens that you weren't directly behind that truck in that very moment, especially since your baby was in the car with you.

And sometimes in life you get really unlucky. when you can't cook dinner until you clean up the pound of flour from the bottom of the oven. 
OR when your other friends decided to challenge you in the Ice Bucket challenge, anyway. 
OR when you're running late for a dinner date and leave in such a hurry that you forgot to bring any milk for the baby and on the way there you realize you have zero gas, so you have your husband drop you off at the store while he goes across the street to fill up the tank, but you realize as you're standing in line with your formula and wine, that your cash, debit card, and license are hanging on the purse tree, in your date night purse, from the concert the night before.

Believe it or not, these are all true stories (in just the small window of one week in the life of me).....but I have no pictures to prove it......because sometimes shit happens, like my camera having a "communication error" with the computer.......when I even have enough battery to open the computer, since the charger isn't working half the time right now (who knows!!). 
But everything usually (eventually) works out or evens out......which I think is the whole point of this post!

Monday, September 1, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 11

#1 Visiting Waco is hard work. - August 24
#2 Ugh....Is it already Monday again? - August 25
#3 I actually had fun during my swimming lessons today! All the ladies were really digging me. - August 26
#4 I love my Jessica. - August 27
#5 I am the Milk Monster! Hear me roar!!!!! - August 28
#6 My friend Gabriel rearranged Mom's tubaware while I highjacked cuddles from Mrs. Ale. It was all fun and games until she made me do tummy time......but I eventually forgave her. - August 29
#7 - This. Is. The. Life. - August 30

Monday, August 25, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 10

#1 Me and my future girlfriend had a hot date tonight!! She's pretty cute, huh? - August 17
#2 You bet your sweet buns I'm a tough guy! I took a needle to each thigh today and can still crack a smile. - August 18
#3 Swimming-1. Me-0. I don't know what all the other babies were so happy about.....I was crying too hard to notice. - August 19
#4 I hate with Mom makes me to tummy time, but this weird squooshy seat is kinda fun! - August 20
#5 Afternoon talks with Dad; catching up on each other's day. - August 21
#6 (oops, Mommy fail!- August 22
#7  I wonder what all this means......They keep putting it in my face like it's very important, but I just don't know.....- August 23

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dillon 2 Months: Stupid Needles

Ugh. The dreaded day had arrived. Time for our 2 month old appointment. How in the world was I going to take this sweet, smiling, cooing boy, flashing his dimple at me, to the doctor to get 3 shots?!?!? The very thought just broke my heart into pieces, so I had Patrick come along, to help me stay strong. (It wasn't as bad as it could have been. Cuddles make 'most everything better.)
On the other hand, I was excited to see how much he'd grown. I knew by sight, he'd been keeping up with the summer weeds, and by physical standards in comparison to the much older girl's he'd hung out with, his hands and feet were twice as big, but the nurse in me wanted to see how everything looked on paper! Our suspicions were correct in thinking he's a big (and very healthy) boy!!!

Weight: 13 lb 6 oz AKA 85% on the growth chart
Height: 24.5 in AKA 95% on the growth chart
Head Circumference: 16.25 in AKA 75% on the growth chart

Since the beginning of this month we've been doing exclusive pumping and bottle feeding (both of us being treated for thrush was a real kick start!) which is a good and a bad thing. While it's a total pain being tied to a pump for 2.5-4 hours a day and having a million dishes as a result, being able to share the feeding responsibility makes my life a little easier. Right now I'm managing to supply 50-70% of his daily intake, depending on the day, and I plan on trying to keep it up as long as possible. It's not easy to keep from getting discouraged. My boobs take a whole 30 minutes to fully respond (sometimes a little longer), even with heat and massaging, with a let down comparable to a damn leaky faucet. The only thing that keeps me going is wanting to provide the best possible nutrition for Dillon's health and development.

Here are a few of Dillon's milestones/personality traits blossoming this month:

1. He's getting more and more fun to hang out with. He can have some quick mood swings, like his Daddy, but for the most part he's getting pretty smiley, "talking", and trying really hard to laugh. Like really hard. You can tell by the face he makes that wants to laugh so bad, but doesn't quite know how to let it out just yet. A couple of times he's woke himself up from a nap giggling a little bit, which is super cute.
2.  I'm at a loss on how I'm going to get him to take a nap on his own, since he currently only naps when he's laying on my stomach or in my's really sweet and I enjoy it, but I can see how it may pose a problem in the near future! He's been sleeping through the night for the last 2 weeks (with the except of 1 or 2 random nights when he briefly woke up for a snack)!!!!
3. He likes to tug at your soul a bit when he's eating by hanging on to your fingers and staring deep into your eyes with those deep blue iris'. And when he's not doing that, he's helping you out by trying to hold the bottle and pull it closer to his mouth, while also telling the world to "Rock on".
4. And one of his new favorite things, besides bath time is trying to stand up while getting burped.
5. I'm so grateful that Dillon is a good traveler, since we're always on the go for one reason or another.
6. He had his first hot date. Is 2 months old too young for dating?
7. He'll take a pacifier now, in desperate times, but only the kind I didn't want him to like.....go figure.
8. He doesn't mind sleeping in with me until noon as long as I feed him every 2-3 hours to make up for night stretches.....and there's cuddling involved.
9. He gets this really pitiful frown on his face and starts crying if someone/something scares him. It's almost just as sad as it is hilarious.
10. He's getting very grabby these days, and loves to pull on my tubing while I'm pumping. 


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